Community Building

Online platforms as multipliers of local engagement

Local engagement in the urban community is more important than ever. However, in order to support existing projects, networks and activities, there is often no central place where knowledge can be collected digitally and easily accessible for all actors, ideas can be exchanged and publicised in a large format. To close this gap, we have developed a concept for community building.

Stuttgart Climate-Community

We have already realised our community building concept together with the Baden-Württemberg state capital Stuttgart and BABLE Smart Cities in the context of the topic “local climate protection”: 

The aim of the project, which started in 2022, is to establish an interactive, socially networked, user-friendly and secure online community that allows citizens to coordinate climate measures locally. The City of Stuttgart supported the start-up phase of the project as part of the Climate Innovation Fund.

Our service for municipalities

Below you can see which aspects our community building concept covers.

Technical development

Together with our partners, we ensure the rapid technical development of an online platform.

Networking & Visibility

We network local engagement: offline & online. We bundle local knowledge on the platform and give visibility to projects by and for the urban community.

Legal certainty

In addition to the topic of sponsorship, we clarify all liability issues surrounding the operation of the platform.


Platforms like are usually start-up financed. We have developed a sustainable model with which the online community can be financed in the long term.


Reach, credibility, commitment and transparency – these aspects are crucial for the success of a community. For this purpose, we have developed a customised communication strategy – from personal presence on site to social media.


What can we do for you?

Are you interested in developing a municipal online community? Feel free to contact us.

Melanie Weiss

Senior Consultant Sustainability
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