Application Management

Application Management

SLA-supported supervision for highly scalable software applications and platforms in run and change mode

DPS offers the responsible assumption of the maintenance and further development of its customers’ applications and platforms in the Application Management service segment. This includes managed services in the sense of all-round support for the respective applications in 24/7 mode. Well-defined, typically ITIL-modelled processes and associated organisational structures guarantee highly valid service performance.

The willingness of the DPS to assume responsibility is also reflected in the contract models offered. DPS commits to service levels and fixed response and resolution times. Established project models with corresponding contractual frameworks are available for the transition from internal application support to application management.

Of course, DPS also provides support in setting up the necessary retained organisation. Efficient communication structures, proactive reporting and cooperation in a spirit of partnership ensure that the workload remaining with the client is kept as low as possible while still meeting regulatory requirements.

DPS is used to working closely with the client’s employees in the context of application management. This applies both to the proactive further development of the application and service models within the framework of continuous improvement and to the ongoing transfer of know-how, which is a prerequisite for avoiding undesirable dependencies and ensuring the conditions necessary for transferring responsibility back to the customer, if only for regulatory reasons.