Operational and strategic expertise for professional and technical challenges

Highly-qualified consulting services are an elementary component of the DPS service portfolio. This includes both specialist consulting and IT consulting.  This includes, in particular

It should be emphasised that the DPS consulting division is recruited exclusively from colleagues who have been trained in our core competencies and have practical experience. In this respect, the claim is made here that only best practice-based advisory services are provided.

In line with the company’s focus, DPS continuously recruits and develops highly-qualified human resources for management and specialist tasks in challenging projects. DPS only employs its own permanent staff in client projects.

In contrast to pure consulting companies and intermediaries, the service portfolio of DPS includes, in addition to consulting, Project management on a contract-for-work basis, Application management and its own Software products. This mix of services allows for a continuous and holistic training and further development of advisers with different technical and professional focuses.