Plannable project success

Good project managers lead projects to success within the given time and budget framework with the required quality. The right path to the goal depends largely on the individual starting situation. Depending on the size and complexity of the task, the technical, organisational and legal framework conditions, the relevant stakeholders and, last but not least, the expected changes during the project term, agile, waterfall-oriented and hybrid project methods can be the means of choice.

All consultants employed by DPS receive training in the essential classic and agile project methods. This includes training according to the standards of the GPM /IPMA (depending on seniority- Level D, C or B), as well as according to the Scrum method.

These standards are supplemented by hybrid concepts. The focus here is particularly on the application of agile methods in organisational projects, complex end-to-end processes and regulatory topics. DPS has developed its own best practices for these use cases, which have also found their way into the specialist literature.