Data Analytics


Strategy and implementation for data-driven decisions, applications and business models

Almost all organisations collect a wide variety of data from different areas in their daily work. Put in the right context, these can provide important bases for decision-making for company management, politics and administration. At the same time, data is the essential basis for customer-centric marketing and sales activities.

A lot of data that could be the basis of findings is not used in practice because it is not accessible to decision-makers, not structured or not prepared in the required form.

In order to generate information from data and insights from information, suitable tools and methods are required. The spectrum of available solutions ranges from classic business intelligence and data warehouse concepts to applications that use artificial intelligence to make complex predictions.

DPS accompanies organisations from the determination of suitable use cases and the identification of appropriate tools to the implementation and commissioning of concrete solutions. In doing so, DPS is independent of specific manufacturers and technologies, and takes a particular look at existing open source products when selecting tools.