Smart Government Suite

Smart Government Suite – flexible integration of applications and processes


The interface universal adapter for all system landscapes

The Smart Government Connector is the solution for the manifold interface requirements in the municipal IT landscape. The application allows the automated exchange of data between a wide variety of specialised procedures, portals, financial procedures, DMS and e-file systems. By means of generic interfaces and data formats, any standardised and proprietary structures can be adapted via simple customising.

You can find all information about the Smart Government Connector here.


Process paper applications digitally – without typing them out

With the Online Access Act (OZG), digital application systems are increasingly finding their way into local government. Nevertheless, paper forms will not disappear from administrative practice overnight. There are citizens who, for various reasons, prefer analogue channels when using administrative services. Signature requirements also make the use of paper unavoidable in certain administrative processes.

But you can also digitise the processing of paper forms. With the DPS Smart Forms Digitiser, paper forms can be converted for further digital processing without having to type the application content into specialist procedures. The result is an XÖV-compliant data set that can be processed in the same way and via the same process as a digital application. Paper forms can thus become part of the digital process.

You can find all information about the Smart Forms Digitiser here.


There are many use cases for the Smart Government Suite. Here are three selected scenarios in which our product modules are regularly used:

OZG integration

The application data that citizens enter via the OZG portals must be transferred to the specialised procedures of the respective municipality for further processing. Often, however, the standardised output formats of the portals do not match the formats that the specialised procedures require for processing. This is where the Smart Government Connector provides support by acting as middleware between the systems and translating the delivered data into the required formats – in both directions.

Implementation of a DMS

The document management system is usually at the centre of the municipal system landscape as an e-file. This is where the digital documents are stored, which are often created in the specialised procedures within the framework of administrative processes. Here too, the Smart Government Connector acts as a universal adapter between the systems and ensures a functional connection between the DMS and the individual specialised procedures.

Workflow or process integration

With the help of the Smart Government Suite, administrative processes can be digitised from start to finish. Following the requirements of the process, all systems involved can exchange data with each other – depending on how the technical process requires it. The boundaries of departments and systems can thus be overcome and media discontinuities prevented.


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