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Smart Government Suite

How much effort does the topic of interfaces cause in your IT?

If different systems within administrative IT are to exchange data with each other, it is dependent on specialist procedures, DMS, e-file and ERP systems offering interfaces. Even where this is the case, extensive integration projects are often necessary to ensure the smooth interaction of the many systems in the IT landscape. Every legal change, every release change for a participant and every digital development leads to follow-up costs.

This does not have to be the case.

Integration instead of interface chaos

With its Smart Government Connector, DPS offers a universal adapter that can be used to integrate market and individual, digital and hardcopy applications and processes without any programming work.

The universal interface adapter for all system landscapes

The Smart Government Connector is the solution for the manifold interface requirements in the municipal IT landscape. The application allows the automated exchange of data between a wide variety of specialised procedures, portals, financial procedures, DMS and e-file systems.

By means of generic interfaces and data formats, any standardised and proprietary structures can be adapted via simple customising.

What can we do for you?

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