The implementation of products, processes and solutions requires project quality centred on compliance and security. For DPS, ongoing audits and certifications are an expression of valid and predictable partnership.


ISAE 3402

There is a positive report on the ISAE 3402 audit of the Application Management Services.


Data protection

Our DSGVO performance was audited by TÜV Rheinland in 2023.

Hamburg Compliance Certificate

In August 2023, we were awarded the Hamburg Compliance Certificate by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. The certification includes the core module and the procurement procedure module in accordance with the Hamburg Compliance Standard.


Handelskammer Hamburg

We are qualified instructors
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research describes dual vocational training as ”an outstanding factor of success for the business location of Germany” (BMBF, 2017). Dual vocational training in Germany at this high level would not be possible without businesses actively and competently engaged in the implementation of dual vocational training.
We have been training young professionals in our company for over 10 years, hence we will also be issued the Instructor Certificate by the International Chamber of Commerce IHK this year.
We look forward to welcoming our new apprentices to strengthen our team as from 2022.

ISO 270001

ISO 27001

In February 2016, TÜV Rheinland awarded ISO 27001 certification to DPS Engineering GmbH in a qualified auditing process. We were successfully recertified in March 2022.



Based on a substantial examination process the eCMS-Suite/eCMS-Client and eCMS-Server successfully passed the renewal of PCI PA/DSS certification. DPS Engineeering received the ‘PCI PA-DSS approved’ seal.
After a several month validation process by the certifier USD (www.usd.de) the PA-DSS validation was accepted by the PCI Council. The PCI Council documents the successful validation process with an acceptance letter. With this validation the user groups from the banking and trade sectors are given a secure quality perspective for the licensed products from the DPS eCMS suite. The PA-DSS validation process covers all product components of this product series. The validation process considers both the development and the operational processes for support and maintenance. In this way the certification according to PA-DSS is more than the certainty of rule conform processing of customer and card data. The validation process also certifies the quality of the development and production oriented processes.


German banking industry

The non-proprietary terminal software eCMS client of DPS Engineering GmbH was already certified for all manufacturers of ATMs and recyclers relevant in Germany in accordance with the GA agreement 2015 and the new GA agreement 2019.
This underlines the leading role of DPS Engineering GmbH as the supplier of non-proprietary and independent software solutions for self-service systems.
The detailed information can be found on the website of the German banking Industry.



All terminal devices such as ATMs, recyclers and retail cash systems are EMVCo certified.
We regularly carry out the necessary function tests in the test lab of VÖB ZVD Processing. The required level 2 function test is the valid proof of a process relevant software implementation.

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