Nadine Fink


Managing Partner

Nadine Fink is a managing director at DPS-Group. She is responsible for account management and delivery for a key customer.

After holding various positions in the travel and finance industry, Nadine Fink completed an MBA with a focus on industrial and project management. While working for an international IT consultancy, she gained extensive experience in the technical support and management of large-scale payment transaction projects at major European banks.

In 2018, she joined the DPS Group as Delivery Manager for an international application management client in the payments sector.




Joachim Dorschel


Managing Partner

Joachim Dorschel is a managing director at DPS-Group. He is responsible for the areas of innovation, marketing and market development.

After studying law, Joachim Dorschel worked as a lawyer in IT law. After joining DPS Engineering in 2014 he was initially responsible for the account management of one of the company’s major customers. In early 2016 Joachim Dorschel was appointed managing director.

Joachim Dorschel regularly publishes articles on IT in the financial industry and the public sector. He is also frequently acts as a speaker on conferences and symposia.


Wim van Geenen


Managing Partner

Wilhelmus van Geenen is managing director of the DPS-Group, being responsible for the areas of application development, application management, processes and personnel.

After training as a banker, Wilhelmus van Geenen studied business mathematics at the University of Karlsruhe. He has many years of experience with large scale IT projects in the banking industry. His particular expertise is in the areas of payments, multichannel banking and securities services. In 2012, Wilhelmus van Geenen was appointed managing director of DPS Engineering GmbH. Wilhelmus van Geenen leads the development laboratory of the DPS group and is responsible in particular for the methods and processes in application management and development projects.

Thomas Kanold


Managing Partner

Thomas Kanold is responsible for Enterprise Products and HR area in the field of DPS Group Management.

After his studies in Constance Thomas Kanold was employed in a medium-sized consultancy firm for over nine years in which he was able to gain extensive insights and experience in major IT projects and the financial sector. Since joining DPS in 2014, he has initially held responsibility over Key Account Management for a number of major customers in Frankfurt. Since being appointed Managing Director at the beginning of 2019 he has held complete responsibility over DPS product business.

Werner Dorschel


Managing Partner

Werner Dorschel is a founding partner and managing director of the DPS-Group. In the DPS Group, Werner Dorschel is responsible for sales, finance, strategy and consulting.

For a time in his professional life Werner Dorschel was concerned with tasks in the field of IT for the financial sector and responsible for a number of major projects in this area, holding a variety of positions.

Werner Dorschel started his career as an application developer at Allianz AG. For a major part of his professional life Werner Dorschel worked at Nixdorf Computer AG, today Diebold Nixdorf, first as a software development group leader and most recently as head of sales marketing financial institutions. In 1989, Werner Dorschel and partners founded DPS Engineering GmbH.