Point of Sale


Cash management at the point of sale (POS) is a significant task for retailers across all sectors in terms of

  • logistics
  • security
  • staff qualification
  • location planning

Statistics from Germany’s banking system show a continued significant volume of cash transactions in the retail sector.

For the petrol station market segment, in particular, the secure receipt, supply and removal of cash is a major challenge.

DPS has developed the ATM@POS product for this issue.

The core of this innovative application is the use of the standard POS terminal to process certified ATM transactions. Cash holdings are stored in a hardware recycler. All security features of a so-called “ATM agreement” are guaranteed.

The ATMs you often find installed at petrol stations to supply cash to end customers will become superfluous. The recycler significantly reduces logistics and insurance costs.

ATM@POS is a product feature of the DPS eCMS platform – the leading system for operating cash and non-cash transactions for finance and retail locations.


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