Organisations-, Prozess- und Architektur­management


Competence in technology and methods

Digitisation also means looking at the processes and the organisation. A clear description of existing processes is often the first step of a digitisation project.

Processes must be implemented along the lines of responsibilities and legal frameworks. At the same time, digital processes require roles and competencies that the analogue world does not have.

DPS accompanies organisations in the preparation of the actual world, in the development of suitable target images and in the implementation of necessary changes within the framework of change management.

In an ideal IT world, infrastructure, applications, methods, processes and the competencies of employees form a homogeneous whole. System landscapes of large organisations have usually grown organically. This inevitably leads to a clash of hardware, operating environments, specialised applications, database and storage systems, as well as development paradigms and tools from different technological innovation cycles. This represents a special challenge for the integration of systems and the digitalisation of end-to-end processes.

Taking your specific requirements into account, we find solutions on how to make the best use of existing systems and close gaps.