Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an essential element of digitalisation. Networking creates opportunities for machine control and optimisation of the physical living environment. The conceivable applications range from wearables and smart homes to smart cities.

Closely related to the term IoT is that of Industry 4.0, the digitalisation and networking of production facilities and processes (“smart factories”), of components and products along value chains (“smart products”) and the digital optimisation of services (“smart services“).


Commercial IoT needs efficient ways to pay for services. Considerations on the expansion of IoT to include payment functionalities coined the term “Internet of Payments (IoP)” some time ago, which characterises the specific properties of digitally networked, highly automated service relationships between machines, including the billing of these services.

DPS, as one of the leading development and consulting companies in payment transactions, is intensively involved with technologies, methods and processes around the highly automated billing of services in production and in the public sector.