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The digitalisation of administrative processes is currently one of the central challenges for the state and administration in Germany. However, digitisation means more than just converting paper-based work processes into bits and bytes. It is about connecting processes, rules, tools and competencies of the people involved. In our eGovernment projects, we combine professional, legal and technical expertise, in order to create holistic and sustainable solutions with our clients that are accepted by employees and citizens alike.


The Online Access Act (OZG) obliges the administration to offer a large number of its essential services electronically as well. The challenges involved go far beyond the provision of online forms on the internet. The efficient implementation of digital services requires the integration of portals, registers, specialised procedures, e-files and ERP systems.

With our experience in the area of end-to-end digitisation of specialist processes, with the Smart Government Suite we offer standardised software components and individual services for the holistic digitisation of administrative processes – from the application to the execution.


The legal provisions for register modernisation and the central role of portal solutions for the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG) make both topics essential elements of eGovernment. Future-oriented architectures for digital administration must, therefore, be open for the seamless integration of existing and future registry and portal solutions.

The (further) development of scalable and flexible architectures, especially in historically grown environments, has been one of the core competencies of the DPS Group from the very beginning.


End-to-end digitisation of administrative processes requires integration of data sets and applications across authorities, entities and federal levels. Such integration can only work if those involved agree on uniform methods and formats.

The Federal Information Management (FIM) provides a construction kit on which both the state institutions and the manufacturers of corresponding IT systems can orient themselves. XÖV complements this concept with an XML standard for electronic data exchange in public administration.

Due to years of experience in the financial sector, DPS is familiar with the implementation of software solutions in networked systems and knows the specific challenges in terms of operational reliability, test requirements, maintainability, etc. We have in-depth knowledge of both federal information management and the implementation of the XÖV standard in software solutions.


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