DPS is a commercial enterprise, but also sees itself as an organisation that bears responsibility for the environment and society. This self-image has shaped the entrepreneurial actions of DPS since its founding – and not just since the term sustainability became ubiquitous.

Social responsibility


Bringing together the best minds, developing individual strengths, respecting diversity – this is the foundation on which great ideas are born.
DPS brings together experts from around two dozen nations in a lively, productive and motivating working environment.



Social responsibility

Every year, DPS donates five-figure sums to institutions that are particularly concerned with the welfare of people who have a harder time in life than others.

Since 2018, DPS has been involved in Xavin GmbH, which arranges loans to charitable associations, foundations and other organisations. As part of this commitment, DPS has already invested a six-figure amount.

Environment and climate protection

DPS strives to minimise the negative environmental impact of its own business activities. This includes measures such as:

  • Use of green electricity
  • Charging points for e-cars
  • Promotion of public transport (job tickets)
  • Energy-saving measures (electricity and water consumption)
  • Waste separation
  • Environmentally friendly disposal by waste management companies
  • Paperless working
  • Preference for online meetings vs. business trips
  • Investment in communication technology (e.g. video conferencing systems)


When it comes to climate protection, DPS focuses on avoiding CO2 instead of offsetting it. Avoiding unnecessary business trips, incentives to reduce the company car fleet and a constant modernisation of the hardware infrastructure in favour of more economical devices are the most important elements for an IT and consulting company.


DPS is in the process of undergoing an external assessment of its own social and ecological actions. This serves us as a starting point with the aim of further developing measures taken and critically reviewing existing practices again and again. Our aspiration is to continuously improve our corporate actions with regard to sustainability and social responsibility.

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