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30.01.2023 Finance, Data Analytics

DPS adds staff in Data Analytics

DPS is expanding its Data Analytics area, sharpening its focus on a field that is becoming a game changer in many industries. Dr. Kevin Yam is joining the DPS Group as a partner, and will be responsible for the area of Data Analytics in the future.

What is data analytics?

Data analytics is a field focused on generating knowledge from data with the help of software. The successful operational integration of modern data analytics solutions can facilitate not only the automation and optimisation of cost-intensive business processes, but also serve as the basis for new and innovative business models.

Since huge quantities of data are collected today in almost every context of economic life, many companies are asking themselves whether, and how, they can use this data to generate added value and help their businesses become more successful.

Building on a suitable technical and organisational infrastructure, data analytics offers many industries a way to implement use cases that result in disruptive changes to their business processes. Modern analytics processes can identify patterns even in very large, unstructured quantities of data, then use these to derive rules for decision-making based on machine learning.

Data analytics methods are already being used in many areas of the financial industry, such as in investment decisions, to fight fraud, and to support sales.

Currently, technical achievements in the area of natural language processing and generation are demonstrating that applying well-developed machine learning processes to large knowledge databases can result in technologies that open up all new perspectives for the use of AI and data analytics in many areas of business life even in the short to medium-term.

The DPS Group intends to expand its services in consulting and application development in the data analytics area even more so in the future as experts for best practice solutions, thereby supporting its customers in identifying and implementing use cases.

New personnel

Dr. Kevin Yam will be responsible for the strategic and operational development of the data analytics area at the DPS Group in the future as a partner. After completing his degree, and then his Ph.D. in mathematical physics, he was primarily responsible for the development and application of innovative data analytics solutions in the financial sector as a senior executive and Managing Director for a mid-sized financial services provider.

Dr. Kevin Yam is new partner of the DPS Group



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