DPS donates 20,000 euros to charitable causes

DPS is emphasising its long-standing social commitment with donations to the Stuttgart Children’s and Youth Hospice and “Die Brücke e.V.”.

For many years, DPS has supported the Stuttgart Children’s and Youth Hospice, an organisation that offers children with life-shortening illnesses and their families a place of security. As part of the official handover of donations, we recently had the opportunity to experience the work of the hospice team on site and gain an insight into the facility. During this visit, Christina Semrau explained that the donation of 10,000 euros will be used to build another visitor flat. “These flats offer parents and siblings of sick children the opportunity to be in close proximity and thus receive the emotional support that is particularly important in such challenging times,” explained the hospice’s Head of Fundraising.

A donation of the same amount was made to “Die Brücke e. V. – Verein für Menschen am Rande”. The association is dedicated to providing support, counselling and information for people who are marginalised by society due to illness, particularly those diagnosed as HIV-positive.

DPS sees its ongoing donations as an expression of its own sense of corporate responsibility. Supporting the Stuttgart Children’s and Youth Hospice and “Die Brücke e. V.” is in line with DPS’s long-term ambition to make a sustainable social contribution and promote positive change in society.

You can find more information about the Stuttgart Children’s and Youth Hospice here: https://hospiz-stuttgart.de/kinder-und-jugendliche/stationaeres-kinder-und-jugendhospiz

You can find out more about the work of “Die Brücke e. V. – Verein für Menschen am Rande” here: https://www.die-brücke.org/


Christina Semrau from the children’s and youth hospice and Tobias Dieterich from DPS at the official handover of the donation

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