Digital administrative services for all – even without smartphone or PC

By Florian Kühne

Online access, now also “offline”: The Online Access Act (OZG) currently ensures that ever more administrative services are also available online for citizens. This is good, necessary and ideally enables the administration to process digital applications using digital processes.

However, not all citizens have access to these online portals, either because they do not have a computer or internet connection, because they find it difficult to use the online services, or because going to the office is more familiar and seems easier. Many people also do not have the technical prerequisites to scan documentation, for example, or to use the electronic identity card required for certain services.

Flexible service – easy access: The citizen terminal, which DPS is developing together with its partners KEBA and KEMAS is an alternative way to provide citizens with digital access to administrative services. The devices can be placed in the foyers of the town halls and citizens’ offices (“Bürgerämter”), as well as in other public places, and are thus also available outside of the administration’s opening hours. The solution’s architecture enables municipalities to provide the online access services available through the state portals or municipal IT service providers, as well as other individual offers on the devices. The technical equipment used in the devices, in turn, offers all components required for filing a complete application: Scanning of documentation, identification by means of the electronic identity card, printing of certificates or receipts up to the payment of fees due by EC (debit) card. Bots or video support can be used to provide assistance to citizens who have problems using the terminal.

However, ID cards, documents and even vehicle registration plates can also be issued via output compartments that are variable in size and number. Two-factor authentication and a high security standard ensure that nothing falls into the wrong hands. The compartments can also be used to hand over documents from citizens to the administration, as part of the application process.

Win-win for citizens and the administration: The citizen terminal relieves the burden on administrative staff, especially in the case of less complex applications with a high quantity structure. For citizens, it offers an opportunity to pick up documents, including outside of opening hours. In addition, people without access to digital services can also submit applications digitally and without going in person – and these can be processed in digital processes.

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