DPS once again donates 30,000 EUR to Stuttgart associations

For the second year in a row, DPS has celebrated the holiday season with an online Christmas game, which was once again a resounding success.

Thanks to the active participation of our business partners, we have been able to round out the donation amount to 30,000 EUR. Just like last year, our donation went to the following institutions:


Die Brücke e.V. https://www.die-brücke.org/

Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. https://www.fhf-stuttgart.de/

Verein zur Förderung des Hospiz Stuttgart e.V. https://www.hospiz-stuttgart.de/


Uwe Volkert von Die Brücke e.V. had the following to say about the campaign: “We are astounded by your generous donation, DPS team! We see your gift to us as a sign of your compassion and understanding for people. And we will be glad to distribute it and pass it on to people in need in many different ways:

… as a cup of coffee and a sandwich, free of charge in our café meeting space, Die Brücke

… as a monthly ticket for the daily trip to substitution treatment

… to cover a year’s worth of a patient’s medication payments

… as a washing machine, stove, or television

… as a vacation day together to take a break from everyday life

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!”


The Executive Director of the Stuttgart Hospice, Manfred Baumann, said: “We want to thank you warmly for your generous donation to the children’s and youth hospice, which is a wonderful way to support our work and our guests, as well as their families. Every donation helps us serve our young guests and their families based on their needs: with services that bring joy to our guests, with programs for siblings, and creative programming for parents to help them overcome their everyday challenges”.


“For over 40 years, the Women Helping Women association has been working against domestic violence, and for a self-determined, violence-free life for women, girls, and boys. We provide 40 beds for women and their children at our independent women’s house. Our information centres, the BIF – Beratung & Information für Frauen (Advice and information for women) and FIS – Fraueninterventionsstelle (Women’s intervention centre) serve as a point of contact for women who have been stalked or impacted by domestic violence. With your generous donation, you are helping us ensure we can continue to support women, girls, and boys reliably on their path to a life without violence and fear. A huge thanks to all of you!”, said Iris Enchelmaier from the Verein Frauen helfen Frauen Stuttgart.


DPS would like to thank everyone who took part again this year or for the first time, and wish everyone all the best as we enter this second month of 2022.

You have question about our expertise, our services or products? You are looking for support in a specific mission? Please feel free to contact us.