Identitätsnachweis E-Government
19.11.2021 Public Sector, Wallets & Digital Identities

Proof of Identity in E-Government – Article by Florian Kühne and Joachim Dorschel in the Innovative Verwaltung journal

In the Innovative Verwaltung journal’s November issue, Florian Kühne and Joachim Dorschel look into the question of the concepts and technologies that can be used to design secure and manageable proof of identity in e-government. The article takes a look at the legal foundations and the current trends surrounding the electronic identity card, as well as possible alternative concepts.

DPS has been working on the digital identities topic for quite some time. In the SDIKA project, we are working on concepts aimed at creating usable and secure digital identities for banking transactions. (see our news from  24.09.2021)

The question of how people and organisations identify themselves in a digital world will certainly occupy science, business and society for quite some time to come. Facebook’s recent thoughts on developing a metaverse are likely to fuel the demand for genuinely digital solutions further.

You can access the article here.

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